Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — The great news put out by the international and liberal American news media has dissipated. Europe, which was seen as being on an economic rebound, has stagnated.

eurozone riotsReuters reported that the euro zone, or where the euro currency is used, has had a flat unemployment zone this past month in August.

This marked the first time that the euro zone had reverted to a flat unemployment rate when it had improved and gone down in the previous month of July. July marked the first time in two years where the unemployment rate had not been constant.

Yet the media tried to paint a prettier picture, even when unemployment still remained at a stagnant and high 12%. Although July’s figures were downgraded from 12.1 to 12, it still is not a pretty picture in the grand scheme of things.

June and May had an unemployment rate of 12.1.

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