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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama addressed the prevalence of mental health problems facing America, all while his administration and second-term agenda is going up in flames. Reuters reports that Obama gave a speech on Monday regarding mental health and increasing violence.

obama newtownObama is capitalizing, albeit at a strange time, on the Sandy Hook shooting in Newton, Connecticut last December 14 to raise more awareness of mental health issues. He promised to start a “national conversation” on the topic.

Reuters called this announcement as “one of the less controversial milestones for Obama”. It brings to mind questions of what counts as milestones under the Obama administration.

The IRS scandal, Benghazi and Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder’s wiretapping of Associated Press (AP) phone lines have occupied the attention of Americans the past month or so, and this could be a sideshow by the Obama administration to distract the American public. Obama had even called these scandals a “sideshow” that were set on sidetracking his administration.

Advocates for improving mental health, like Harold Koplewicz, president of the Child Mind Institute, a psychiatric treatment and research center in New York City, say that ObamaCare will help mitigate mental health problems and resulting violence. Reuters paraphrased Koplewicz as saying that ObamaCare will dramatically expand insurance coverage for treatment of mental illnesses, particularly for children.

Too bad Koplewicz does not understand economics, which has been extremely affected by ObamaCare and its restrictions.

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