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WASHINGTON — On the 24-year anniversary of the Tiananmen Square democracy protests, which were brutally crushed by the Chinese Communist government, Hong Kong residents gather for their annual vigil.

hong kong remembers tiananmenThe major news networks barely reported this anniversary without batting an eye, with only the Associated Press and CBS News placing an article on their front page, albeit toward the bottom of their websites.

Hong Kong residents that gather for the nighttime vigil, according to the AP, hold their candles high to remember those who were killed and imprisoned after the Chinese Communist government had enough of their protests on June 4, 1989.

China had censored as much as they could of any reference to Tiananmen or the protests. Some wore black to remember the date, but many prominent pro-democracy activists were not allowed to leave their homes.

Why does Hong Kong do this? Not only to remember the valiant efforts of those in 1989, but how their semi-autonomy is threatened by the government in Beijing. Instead of having more Hong Kong-friendly rulers, China has tried to impose corrupt leaders that have only widened the wealth gap and hurt the formerly prosperous middle-class.

The current agreement is that once Hong Kong was handed back to China, Hong Kong would have Western freedoms until 2047. There is little doubt that once that year comes, these freedoms will disappear.

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