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Sequester Pain? Pentagon cuts Unpaid Leave from 11 to 6 Days

WASHINGTON — The infamous sequester is to blame, but now the Defense Department is scaling back several of their initiatives at cost-cutting.

chuck hagel pointing finger [1]Reuters reports [2] that Chuck Hagel, the head of the Defense Department, is cutting the unpaid leave days to limit the pain of the sequester and automatic defense budget cuts.

Hagel is now cutting unpaid leave [3] days from 11 to 6 days.

What goes unreported is how the sequester was his boss, President Barack Obama, that came up with the idea several years ago during the supercommittee talks. The GOP was blamed for the sequester and refusal to extend Obama’s budget, but it was Obama’s idea [4] to begin with.

It seems that Obama and Hagel may have exaggerated their problem [5] for political gain.