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WASHINGTON — The Washington Post printed a sob story about how a judge struck down a voter referendum on raising the minimum wage in SeaTac, yet ignores how judges do the same with gay marriage.

Their blog post quoted several workers who struggle in their low-end jobs and only quoted one business owner, who noted that she would have to lay off at least one worker if the minimum wage was raised for SeaTac.

The blog’s second paragraph ran like this, referring to “rampers” or those who handle luggage:

“See those little slaves running around out there?” says Kalolo Aukusitino, 21, who’s worked the job for a little less than a year. “That’s us.”

SeaTac is the nickname of Seattle’s airport and voters barely approved the raise of a minimum wage from around $10 to $15. Now the King County Superior Court said that the wage increase only applies to hotel and car service workers and not other workers at SeaTac. The blog said the following about the decision:

“…the King County Superior Court ruled that the measure could only apply to the 1,600 people who work at hotels and car services outside the airport. That cuts out 4,700 people who work within the airport itself…”

Yet, when traditional marriage is struck down in favor of gay couples, the liberal media does not mention how the majority of state constitutions have strong pro-traditional marriage support among state voters. In the case of Utah, it was a part of their constitution (as the Washington Times reported) yet judges saw fit to strike it down and overrule voters that had added it as a constitutional amendment. But, the liberal media does not mention any of this in their reports.

Et tu, Washington Post?

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