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WASHINGTON — Another year and another outpouring of conservative and liberal vitriol toward the Supreme Court.

SCOTUSTuesday, liberals were upset over SCOTUS’s decision to require an update for the Voting Rights Act, which Obama said he was “disappointed” about the ruling. Wednesday, conservatives were in an uproar over the striking down of one part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and a non-decision on California’s Proposition 8.

One part of DOMA was struck down, which said that the federal government could hold back benefits for same-sex couples. Now, that part has been overturned, which means same-sex couples can now pay more taxes and sponsor foreign partners in the U.S.

Proposition 8, or what people nicknamed “Prop 8”, was invalid based on its standing, ruled SCOTUS. Prop 8 was the voter referendum to protect marriage and define it as between one man and one woman in California, and it passed by a majority. However, SCOTUS said that the appeal for the supporters of Prop 8 had no valid or legal standing to file an appeal.

One worrisome trend from the Prop 8 decision is the possibility that state governments can eventually ignore citizen voter referendums, according to some conservative bloggers and writers. Because Prop 8 was appealed by private parties and not the state, it seems that SCOTUS is now allowing state governments to ignore voter referendums.

This is worrying political analysts and normal Americans, who fear that the checks and balances are becoming more obsolete in the eyes of the government.

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