Accuracy in Media

WASHINGTON — Schools are training their teachers to have guns on school campuses, to avoid a repeat of several recent school shooting tragedies.

arkansas gun signReuters reported that at least one school, Arkansas Christian Academy outside Little Rock, is allowing their teachers to holster handguns while on campus.

The academy said that they decided to arm their security staff and allow handguns on teachers in the classroom because it is for the safety of the children. The staff have to pass a gun range evaluation every three months. After Sandy Hook, where dozens of children were mercilessly murdered, the school felt that this would provide a deterrent for perpetrators.

The school also has signs in the parking lot and on its campus of how any armed perpetrator will be met with “deadly force”.

The gun control debate has died down, with the recall of two gun control state lawmakers in Colorado, but schools are taking matters into their own hands to protect their students.

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