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Saudi Arabia, Abandoned by Obama, going it Alone

WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia and Israel have felt abandoned [1] by longtime ally the United States.

saudi arabia leader [2]Reuters reported [3] that Saudi Arabia now feels it is going to go it alone in foreign policy, considering how the U.S. secretly made a nuclear deal with arch-rival Iran.

They could build better and closer relations with other international powers, not including the U.S. [4] and help push a harder line with Iran. Saudi Arabia could even obtain a nuclear bomb if Iran gets too close to finishing their own.

Obama took a lot of flak at home for this decision to kowtow to Iran to make the current deal. Even Democratic Senator, and ethically-challenged, Bob Menendez condemned Obama’s deal as “fear-mongering”.

Israel does not admit is has nuclear weapons, but is common knowledge that they most likely have a nuclear weapons stockpile.