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WASHINGTON — Looks like William Tell was not the only person to beat up an apple. Samsung, a Korean electronics company, is beating American Silicon Valley giant Apple at its own games: smartphones.

samsung logoAfter Apple released plans to innovate and improve its struggling iPhone sales, Samsung announced it will increase the speed for its upcoming smartphone line. Reuters reports this increases the stakes for all involved, but especially Apple.

The Galaxy S4’s newest model will download and transmit data at twice the current speed, forcing the tempo on smartphone technology. This model will be sold in South Korea, its base of operations, later this month before coming to American shores.

The new S4, according to the report, is going to use the LTE-Advanced 4G technology, which is an upgrade from standard 4G LTE. With the new and improved Qualcomm chips, movie downloads will only take about a minute from about 3 in older models.

Both Samsung and Apple have suffered losses in the smartphone market because of high saturation (meaning too many products for a group of consumers within a market). But, Samsung had briefly lunged ahead before suffering losses and put Apple on notice.

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