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Sad News: ISIS beheads 2nd American Journalist

WASHINGTON — News spread on social media and the Internet as reports surfaced regarding a second execution of an American journalist by the Islamist terrorist group the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL).

Hot Air posted a series [1] of tweets in one of their articles to document the timeline of the news and information as they came to light. This is the second such beheading of a Western journalist via video posted by the Islamic State. The first, also an American, James Foley, was also killed via beheading on video.

Steven Sotloff, a freelance American journalist, was the victim. He was kidnapped in Syria while covering the civil war there last year. Foley was also kidnapped by the terrorists in Syria. Rumor has it that the same man who beheaded Foley also beheaded Sotloff.

Our deepest condolences extend to the family of Steven Sotloff, his friends and colleagues.