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WASHINGTON — The EU has decided to lift its arms embargo to Syria, opening the opportunity for EU nations to supply Syrian rebels with the necessary arms and munitions to topple the Syrian government regime. Russia, a staunch ally and arms supplier to Syria, has taken offense at this action.

-Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, has been supported by Russia’s arms sales and Iranian intervention via its Revolutionary Guard and offshoot Hezbollah up until this point in the stagnant civil war.

According to the Associated Press, Russia has accused the EU of killing any potential peace agreement for the Syrian civil war.

So far, up to 70,000 people have been killed in the war and thousands more now living as refugees in places along the Syria-Turkey border and other places. Jordan has been tense over the civil war and closed its prominent border crossing with Syria while Turkey funnels arms to the Syrian rebels across their border.

Israel has struck Syrian targets, blowing up a Syrian military facility in addition to firing back at military troops close to their Golan Heights defenses. Lebanon has seen spillover violence enter within its borders as Syrian rockets attacked targets within Lebanon and Hezbollah sending fighters into Syria. Hezbollah losses have reportedly been substantial in heavy border fighting.

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