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Russia could Invade Ukraine, says NATO

WASHINGTON — The Russian government is sending humanitarian aid into Ukraine, ignoring the objections of the international and Ukrainian community. Some fear that it is a pretext to sending more military personnel into eastern Ukraine, possibly becoming a Russian military invasion.

140303-putin-russia-military-jsw-1210p_81ec8774d80d0260c1cef1ad41ebe6f4 [1]Reuters reported [2] that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he will send an aid convoy to eastern Ukraine, and the West could only respond with a tepid warning.

NATO said that an invasion is possible because of recent army drills along the border, where about 45,000 troops are currently training. This comes as the Ukrainian military has surrounded the pro-Russia rebels [3] in the eastern cities of Luhansk and Donetsk, which could become prolonged sieges of those cities.

The¬†West denounced the move and called it a violation of international law, but did little to send military aid or troops into Ukraine. The European Union’s leader, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, said that he and the EU would condemn any “pretext” to “unilateral military action.”