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WASHINGTON — Russia and Japan are looking to formalize their relations, which has been a sticking point since World War Two. Russia invaded an island chain north of Japan at the end of World War Two and since then, the two countries have been at a standstill.

abe and putinRussia calls the island chain the Southern Kuriles, while Japan calls it the Northern Territories.

Reuters reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to visit Japan, at the invitation of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The move could signal a move towards signing a peace treaty, especially after Russia and Japan signed a security agreement last year.

Japan is trying to shore up its allies and influence in the Far East Asian region as China continues to threaten the longtime status quo of Japan’s hegemony, bolstered by the United States of America. China has been aggressive in its territorial disputes with Japan and Japan has responded in kind. Japan also increased its defense spending to try to deter further Chinese aggression.

Although this peace treaty process make take much longer, this is a positive sign between the two former enemies.

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