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Obamanomics: Reuters tries to paint a positive U.S. economy

WASHINGTON — The news media leans toward Obama, and nothing expresses this more than Reuters’ recent analysis [1] of economic numbers. Low GDP [2], long-time struggling overall economics [3] in construction and retail [4] and other factors are threatening another Great Recession [5] for Americans.

reuters [6]Retail sales rose in April, shocking analysts, and gave way to Reuters statement of the “underlying strength in the economy” and optimism. Yet, as we detailed here at AIM, the college graduate employment picture is anything but cheery.

One of the quotable moment was when Reuters asked an economics professor at Miami University of Ohio, Tom Hall, to comment on the announcement of rising retail sales. Hall said:

“It’s more indication that our economy is growing. It’s not growing as rapidly as a lot of people would like, but things are improving”

Reuters did admit that Obama’s payroll tax increase [7] has tightened the budget of American families, but also said that D.C.’s budget deficit plays into the economic doldrums. Yet, without mentioning the sequester by ┬áname, it seems that Reuters is on Obama’s side.