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WASHINGTON — Iran’s secret wealth has now been revealed by news agency Reuters. Even though it has been known for liberal, pro-Obama articles, this piece puts a magnifying glass on the secretive workings of the Iranian government.

khameneiReuters reported, in a series of investigative journalism pieces, that Iran is worth billions but this worth is controlled by the country’s religious leader, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Seven years ago, the United Nations and Western powers began subjecting Tehran to steadily harsher economic sanctions. Around the same time, an organization controlled by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei started to study how some developing economies managed to grow fast.

Setad, the giant conglomerate controlled by Khamenei, is worth billions of dollars because of its extensive holdings in a major holding company, bank and the country’s largest telecommunications company. But, this is not all and is just a glimpse of its extensive reach into multiple aspects of Iranian lives.

It looks like the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was just simply transferring power from the Western-backed shah to a religious leader, who solidified his grip on power with a repressive regime run by his Revolutionary Guard.

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