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WASHINGTON — The mainstream media continues to (not) amaze the American public.

obamacare cbs pollReuters’ most recent article, which is more like an analysis, seems to push a more pro-ObamaCare opinion as indicated in its title, “ObamaCare Foot Soldiers train to enroll the Masses”.

It starts with the line, “Nahla Kayali is a foot soldier for Obamacare” and says that she is one of 2,000 “community organizers” that are going to “persuade” people to sign up for ObamaCare, which is still highly unpopular in the U.S.

Even CBS News found that in its poll, the majority of Americans want the entire health care law repealed with a 54% disapproval rate. Specifically, reported the poll found that 46% of Americans believe it will make things worse for them.

Reuters goes and paints another pretty picture of a “small army of volunteers” like Kayali going to places to recruit people to sign up. Yet Reuters ignores how ObamaCare will lead to a rise in health care premiums, with doctors retiring instead of going along with the law as The Heritage Foundation reported.

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