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WASHINGTON — The liberal mainstream media continues to back up the Obama administration and Obama’s “disastrous” health care law known as ObamaCare.

huffpo obamacare disasterReuters reported that they think there is little evidence that ObamaCare is leading to less full-time jobs with employers cutting employee hours and hiring more part-time workers to avoid paying exorbitant health care costs.

One would think that the media, like Reuters, would understand that the higher level of part-time jobs is a result of ObamaCare forcing businesses to cut employee hours or fire them outright. But Reuters continues their “analysis” and say that “there is little evidence that employers are sacrificing full-time jobs by hiring more part-timers or reducing existing employee hours because of the costs of providing health coverage under Obamacare.”

Several large companies have cut back employee hours under ObamaCare such as local colleges like Southern Illinois to private businesses like Bucca di Beppo (an Italian restaurant chain). has a comprehensive list of employee hour cutbacks due to ObamaCare.

Who does Reuters blame for this supposed misinformation? “Conservative Republicans”, no less. The “analysis” then quotes a White House economic advisor, Jason Furman, who says “We are not seeing any effect in the data”.

Yet the ObamaCare online enrollment websites are an outright disaster and states have delayed enrollments as a result. Also, the online health care exchanges are full of errors and what the media terms “glitches”, when the reality is that the media is covering for the administration by using a neutral term as if the problem is not a significant one (which it is). These “glitches” only indicate that the website is only the start of worse and bigger problems.

Only 1 person has successfully enrolled in Delaware and zero enrolled in Michigan (as of last weekend). And, adding insult to injury, less than 1% of all visitors were able to enroll in the exchanges.

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