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BRITAIN-SCOTLAND-INDEPENDENCE-VOTEWASHINGTON — The final results and tally is in: A large majority of Scots voted, “no” to become independent from the United Kingdom by a 55-45% margin.

BBC News reported that 85% of Scots turned out to vote in the elections, with a high number of teenage voters becoming involved in the election. By pure numbers, there were 2,001,926 votes to stay with the United Kingdom and 1,617,989 voted for secession.

This essentially saved British Prime Minister David Cameron’s job and embarrassed Scottish independence movement leader and liberal Alex Salmond.

Now, it sounds like Scotland will gain more autonomy for self-rule after this referendum. And you can’t forget some of the superb memes of the day, such as Jim Geraghty (of National Review Online) and his Twitter feed that impersonated Sean Connery narrating the referendum:

shoon meme

Check out the highlight video from BBC by clicking HERE.

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