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WASHINGTON — Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican junior senator from Kentucky, may be gearing up for a shot to run as the GOP presidential candidate in 2016.

Rand Paul by Gage SkidmoreReuters reported that Paul, the son of the popular Texas congressman Ron Paul, will have a good base to work from due to the efforts of his father.

He became popular when he filibustered in the Senate this past year, railing against the Obama administration’s flagrant civil liberties abuses through its extra-judicial drone strikes. Other senators like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee joined him and helped elevate his profile.

As a doctor, Rand Paul has been a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s ObamaCare health care law. And, as a libertarian, he has railed against the heavy-handed policies of the Obama administration regarding the use of drones and surveillance of Americans by the NSA.

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