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Putin demands Apology as Russian Diplomat beaten in the Netherlands

WASHINGTON — Russian President Vladimir Putin was upset how a Russian diplomat was beaten up by several armed men dressed in camouflage in The Hague, Netherlands.

putin angry [1]Reuters reported [2] that Dmitry Borodin, its minister-counselor at its embassy in the Netherlands, was beaten by assailants in his home in front of his children.

Putin’s outrage led to his demand of “an explanation, an apology and also punishment of those responsible” and said it was a “very rude violation” of diplomatic rules. But, he preconditioned his response based on “how the Dutch side conducts itself”.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry did not comment on this story and a Dutch police spokeswoman in The Hague, Ellen van Zijl, said that there was an incident and that the diplomat is fine and out of the hospital.

But, Dutch police did say that Borodin had received complaints about how he treated his children from his neighbors, and the number two at the embassy may have been attacked as a result of his treatment of children.

Dutch news agency ANP said police had visited the home of Borodin, who is number two at the embassy, after receiving a complaint from neighbors about his treatment of his children. The unknown attackers wore something similar to police uniforms, pushed Borodin to the ground and beat him with a baton and then brought him to a police station.

The Netherlands and Russia are already at odds over how Russia arrested Greenpeace environmental activists [3], who tried to scale and board a Russian oil rig drilling for Arctic Circle oil. Several of those arrested and charged with piracy were Dutch citizens. It also did not help that the ship that brought the activists close to the oil rig was registered in the Netherlands.