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WASHINGTON — The press is again on Obama’s side while scandals continue to gain national and international notoriety and his approval rating is tanking.

obama golf marthas vineyardReuters reports that the month of August, when Obama is taking his vacation, “August has a way of interfering with a U.S. president’s best-laid plans for vacation.”

Obama had to interrupt his vacation (gasp!) after massive violence took place in Egypt between the military-backed government, their security forces and the anti-government Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Then, he went to play golf after making his announcement of calling for peace and order, in addition to delaying joint U.S.-Egyptian military exercises.

The report goes on to mention how events happen in August that have waylaid plans of Bill Clinton, both George H.W. and George W. Bush. But, the press was no friend of either Bush during their administrations and no doubt never reported the month of August being a bad month for presidential vacations.

But, in fairness, the Reuters report salvaged itself with quoting and noting events that happened with the Bush’s such as a suicide bombing during George W. Bush’s vacation and how every August, his father quipped, “What is it about August?”

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