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WASHINGTON — Instead of blaming the intentions and tactics of an American-designated terrorist group, the liberal press blames miscommunication and lack of cohesive structure for Hamas’ unwillingness to compromise with Israel. Both sides reached an initial agreement on Tuesday after weeks of negotiation and truces broken by Hamas.

HamasReuters ran a piece with the title, “Diffuse Hamas structure complicates Gaza peace efforts,” as a type of apology piece. Because the group was founded by “just seven people in Gaza” and “has political and military leaders spread across the Arab world, complicating its ability to send a unified message” to negotiate a cease-fire, Hamas got a free pass from the liberal press as usual. Some examples of this media free pass are here, here and here.

There was little mention of how Hamas is a U.S. government-designated terror group and how their tactics are brutal. Recently, Hamas operatives executed eighteen Palestinians that they suspected were informants of Israel. And, the terrorists have broken the recent cease-fire with the Israeli military and government by firing rockets into civilian areas in Israel.

Reuters said that the contradicting claims of Hamas operatives on the ground and their leaders, some of which are in exile, show how “diffuse” the terrorist group’s structure is. But, the article did not mention much of the human rights abuses conducted in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

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