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WASHINGTON — A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that President Barack Obama’s honeymoon with America is officially over. The poll showed that Obama’s job approval rating dipped to its lowest point in both of his terms as president.

obama dismayedQuinnipiac University, which conducts the poll, found that 54% of Americans disapprove of his performance so far. On the flip side, his job approval rating is 39%.

52% of Americans said that Obama is no longer trustworthy or honest, after news outlets reported that Obama lied to them about their health care plan. He said, at least 36 times throughout the past 3 years, that Americans can keep their health insurance plans under ObamaCare. Obama has been slammed by conservatives, and any concerned American, about his statement that, “if you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period.”

When independents were asked the question about Obama’s trustworthiness, an overwhelming 60% said “no” and only 34% said “yes”.

Although news outlets and agencies reported these basic numbers, some neglected to report that only 19% of Americans polled said their health care will improve over the next year. 43% said their health care will get worse over the next year, thanks to ObamaCare (or its official name, the Affordable Care Act (ACA)). As the poll’s press release said, “Voters oppose the ACA 55-39 percent”.

Also, 47% of Americans said that they are “very dissatisfied” about the direction of the country today, with only 31% saying they were “somewhat dissatisfied”, 19% “somewhat satisfied” and only 2% were “satisfied”.

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