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Poll: Americans doubt Economic Recovery under Obama

WASHINGTON — Under Obama, Americans continue to lose faith in the American economy even with the government saying that it will pick up again.

Barack Obama [1]Bloomberg reported [2] that 27% of Americans polled believe that economic expansion will be stronger in the next year. It is down from 39% who felt that way 3 months ago.

An astounding 44% said that the economy will remain the same in the next year, which is not encouraging either as part-time jobs are soaring due to ObamaCare [3] and a weak economy [4]. 28% say that the economy is not the same but is getting worse.

The writer quoted a disabled Navy veteran, Chris Sams, who said:

“We’re still in a recession; I don’t know why they say it’s over…It may be over in Washington, D.C., where the per capita income is higher than anywhere else, but down here the minimum wage is the highest wage.”

Also, sentiments about job growth has shifted since this past June when the last poll was conducted. 36% of Americans said they feel job growth will get better, which had gone down from 42% from June’s poll. Other questions illustrated the lack of positive results in the American economy as of late.

The poll also asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing making people like me feel more economically secure?” The results? 53% disapprove of his job with only 38% approving his performance and 9% undecided. Another question, measuring whether poll respondents plan on putting more money into retirement savings, had a result of 42% saying “Need to do more, but can’t” and only 34% saying “Expect to do more”.

The poll was taken between September 20th and 23rd by Selzer & Co., based in Des Moines, Iowa. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.1% points.