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WASHINGTON — A CNN and ORC International poll found that Americans doubt President Barack Obama’s ability to govern the nation.

obama on obamacare successesReuters reported that the poll found 53% of respondents said Obama was not honest or trustworthy, which was the first time that the poll found a majority questioning Obama’s integrity as president.

Only 40% said Obama was untrustworthy and dishonest the previous week. Obama’s numbers have been dipping since June. 56% of respondents said they did not admire Obama and 53% said he was not a strong or decisive leader. This recent poll was conducted between November 18-20 and highlighted the problems Obama is having in rolling out his health care law.

ObamaCare’s failures have led to the lowest job approval rating for Obama in both of his terms, sitting at 39%. Even the liberal media, which tries to support Obama, called it “disastrous“.

The ObamaCare online enrollment website has not worked overall. Too many structural problems have delayed online enrollment, complete with error pages and hours of waiting for the information to be loaded into their database. At one point, only 106,000 Americans could sign up after over a month of trying to do so and fell short of their goal of several million applicants.

It got so bad that Obama proposed a “tech surge” to save the website and encouraged mailing or phoning in one’s registration information to the website representatives. The Obama White House even had to take their case to Twitter to defend themselves. After that, it was revealed that Obama knew the website had problems earlier this year.

And, Americans were shocked to know that the health care law would eliminated their individually-purchased health insurance plans, which could affect up to 14 million Americans.

The poll was the worst of Obama’s entire presidency to date.

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