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WASHINGTON — The Defense Department at the Pentagon warns Americans of impending budget cuts. The reason? Sequestration.

obama hagelReuters reports the sequestration excuse is being utilized by the Obama administration again, without cutting costs in other places than defense. Their doomsday prophecies mostly unfulfilled, this seems to be one way to sock it to Americans.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that $40 billion will be cut out of the Pentagon spending over the next 10 years. Among the cuts? Air Force and Army personnel cuts. When asked about eliminated duplicate programs and inherent government waste, Hagel contended it would not do enough to meet the budget cuts.

“The inescapable conclusion is that letting the (additional $500 billion in cuts) persist would be a huge strategic miscalculation that would not be in our country’s best interests,” Hagel said.

But, Hagel spared his boss, U.S. President Barack Obama, from being blamed for the sequestration. Obama had reached a compromise agreement with Congress to enact automatic sequestration cuts if they could not reach an agreement. Yet the media misreports and assigns blame to the Republicans and not Obama.

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