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Pentagon to Quarantine U.S. Troops returning home from West Africa Assignment

WASHINGTON — American troops, sent to West Africa to help with the efforts to curb Ebola, will be held in quarantine until cleared by medical staff, the Pentagon announced yesterday.

us soldiers in liberia to fight ebola [1]

Reuters reported [2] American troops returning home from assignment in West Africa are being quarantined, especially after several debacles in the U.S. One instance was when a doctor exhibited symptoms but had traveled on the New York City subway system and went bowling during his “self-quarantine” period [3].

The article said:

“The U.S. Army has already isolated about a dozen soldiers at part of a U.S. military base in Vicenza, Italy, including Major General Darryl Williams, who oversaw the military’s initial response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

“Dozens more will be isolated in the coming days as they rotate out of West Africa, where the military has been building infrastructure to help health authorities treat Ebola victims, the Pentagon said.”

This dwarfs the non-response by the Obama White House, which made a photo-ops hug [4] a big deal, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), who had botched quarantines and containment of hysteria in the U.S. media.