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Peace for our time? Russia withdrawing troops from eastern Ukraine

WASHINGTON — Russia has officially started to withdraw a majority of their occupational forces in eastern Ukraine, announced Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. This gives hope that the current ceasefire [1] will hold.

140303-putin-russia-military-jsw-1210p_81ec8774d80d0260c1cef1ad41ebe6f4 [2]Reuters reported [3] about 3,000 people have been killed during the civil war, which possibly could come to an end thanks to the Russian military invasion [4].

Russia still denies direct involvement by their military forces, which have been supporting the pro-Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central government in Kiev and the West say there are tons of evidence to prove the contrary.

Poroshenko will try to maintain Ukraine’s sovereignty, but that could be weakened by concessions to the rebels. With the looming threat of a Russian invasion, he may have no other choice. The eastern provinces may get special status and become a sort of satellite republic or nation of Russia.