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WASHINGTON – Pakistan’s anti-corruption agency chief was sacked by the country’s Supreme Court, further underscoring the lack of trust and destabilization within Pakistan. Reuters reports this does not help current issues that are hurting Pakistan.

pakistan chiefPakistan, which has nuclear weapons capability, is a hotbed of Taliban militants and Islamists that are trying to upset and tear apart the country, with recent suicide bombings ripping through neighborhoods and political rallies.

Now, their anti-corruption agency, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) no longer has its chief, Fasih Bokhari.  The Supreme Court decided that his appointment was invalid because his appointment was not brought to the opposition party, which is required by law.

Now that elections have passed, there can be new discussions about the new chief of the NAB. The NAB is currently investigating charges of kickbacks against their former prime minister, Raja Perez Ashraf and other graft charges against current Prime Minister-elect Nawaz Sharif.

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