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WASHINGTON — Without voter support, a labor group has sued the state of Wisconsin to force them to increase the state’s minimum wage.

minimum wage protesterReuters reported the group, Wisconsin Jobs Now, said the current state rate of $7.25 per hour is too low, but they do not take into account simple economics.

Oftentimes, when a minimum wage is increased, it leads business handcuffed and prevents them from hiring more workers. It also does not address how minimum wage was not considered a living wage, but a way to get one’s foot wet in the labor force until moving up in the world (i.e. “The American Dream”).

Also, the Wisconsin Restaurant Association supports keeping the wage where it is in order to help their members keep costs down.

The lawsuit accuses the current wage is not a living wage and wants to push state governor Scott Walker, a potential 2016 GOP presidential nominee who is running for re-election this year, to put together a commission to raise the wage.

But, as the state’s Department of Workforce Development spokesman John Dipko said, “Most of the complainants who are arguing the minimum wage is not a living wage are making more than the minimum wage – up to $15.07 an hour.”

The department had previously rejected the labor group’s call for a raised minimum wage due to “no reasonable cause” to increase the current wage level.

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