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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare’s failures continue to mount on and build pressure on the Obama White House to take action of some sort on their “disastrous” health care law. Now, some report that Cover Oregon, Oregon’s ObamaCare health care exchange, has enrolled zero Oregonians after over a month after its launch.

cover oregon obamacareCBS’ local news affiliate in Seattle reported that since October 1st, the launch date of the online enrollment website HealthCare.Gov, did not enroll a single Oregonian into ObamaCare health care exchanges.

A common theme throughout ObamaCare is that the administration pushed the program too hastily and, as The Blaze reported, ignored red flags and countless warnings by contractors and observers. Yet, the pushed on, just as the Democrats did by ramming through ObamaCare in Congress without a single Republican vote. Now, the Obama administration and Democrats are facing an unprecedented crisis in governance and health care.

Cover Oregon’s chief communication officer, Amy Fauver, tried to sugarcoat the website’s significant and glaring problems and said, “We stuck to the vision, and we’re experiencing now the bumps that go along with having a grand vision that doesn’t work out exactly the way you hope it will”. She expressed confidence the website will be up sooner rather than later.

The article also noted that over $300 million was spent on the website so far, but without a single enrollment it has to be considered a colossal failure. Yet, this is not an Oregon-specific problem because in 36 other states that have ObamaCare exchanges, they are suffering similar debilitating website problems. For example, Delaware only enrolled 1 person after almost a month of trying and Michigan had 0 at around the same time.

Now, with the website down and out for the time being, the Cover Oregon officials beg Oregonians to fill out forms by hand and submit them. These forms have to be put into the faulty online database and website, which could take weeks to process. This is a far cry from the rosy promises of the Obama administration, who has since announced a “tech surge” to save the website.

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