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WASHINGTON — Jessie Sanford, a 48-year-old single mother who lives in the state of Washington, thought she could get access to health care with the passage of ObamaCare. Now, she cannot under the complexities of the laws and its tax credits.

obamacare rose gardenCNN reported that Sanford was elated and excited when President Barack Obama cited her story in a pro-ObamaCare Rose Garden event. She had not gotten health care before for her or her son because it was too expensive.

She signed up for her state’s health care exchanges in Washington, but then the bad news piled on. Her tax credits were miscalculated several times, leading to rises in her premiums. She saw her premiums rise from an expected $198 to $280 to $390 per month, which was when she decided she couldn’t afford the health care plans offered by, ironically, the Affordable Care Act (the official name of ObamaCare).

She voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and refused to blame him for her problems. Instead, she blames the state health care exchange for miscalculating her health care premiums. But, what the article fails to mention is how this is how ObamaCare works: it gives lower quote prices to the elderly and increases the prices on the middle-aged to young. Sanford felt she was not lied to, but that is exactly what Obama did when he said, “you can keep your health plan, period.” But, 52% of Americans felt that Obama lied to them in a recent Quinnipiac poll.

And, this does not even include the 8% of Americans that will lose their individual health insurance plans under ObamaCare.

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