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WASHINGTON — In 2012, the Obama administration covered up a scandal where prostitutes were hired by U.S. Secret Service agents, but also a White House aide. Ten Secret Service agents were fired after the initial investigation hit the mainstream media, but only now are other details coming out of the woodwork.

20140507_whitehouseatnightAs columnist Jonah Golberg wrote, the aide in question, a Jonathan Dach, was recently assigned to the State Department to head the “Global Women’s Issues” office. Isn’t this a true representation on the “war on women” meme?

Dach was a part of the White House’s advance team and was not a target of the initial media investigations because he was instructed not to say anything. But, as is usual hotel policy, he would have had to pay for an extra guest in his hotel room, yet the hotel did not charge him because he was a “Hilton Honor member.”

Yet again, a potentially backbreaking scandal has hit the news, but two years too late for the American people to make a choice. And, the liberal mainstream media is complicit for not digging further into the Cartagena prostitute scandal at the time.

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