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WASHINGTON — The Department of Defense announced that they plan on cutting the U.S. Army down to pre-World War Two levels. They said that the cuts target the A-10 aircraft and reduce military benefits to meet spending caps.

soldiers coming homeReuters reported that Obama’s Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will focus on training and maintaining a smaller force to respond to at least one conflict. The days of multiple conflicts and engagements are dead, it seems.

Hagel said, “We … face the risk of uncertainty in a dynamic and increasingly dangerous security environment…Budget reductions inevitably reduce the military’s margin of error in dealing with these risks, as other powers are continuing to modernize their weapons portfolios.”

Over the next ten years, the Pentagon will have to cut $1 trillion in its budget. Their 2015 budget is $496 billion.

Right now, the U.S. Army has around 520,000 soldiers, but will try to cut it down to 450,000 by 2015. That is the smallest American army size since 1940, the year before the U.S. entered World War Two (where the U.S. had 267,767 soldiers).

Other cuts will be¬†tax-free housing allowances, annual subsidies for military commissaries and target the military’s TRICARE health insurance plan for familiy members and retirees. But, Hagel said that the Pentagon¬†will try to push for a 1% raise for military personnel.

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