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Obama’s Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel urges Military Restraint in Cyperwarfare

WASHINGTON — The current Department of Defense Secretary for U.S. President Barack Obama, Chuck Hagel, indicated that the U.S. military may restrain its own cyberwarfare activities.

obama hagel [1]Reuters reported [2] that this move was announced at a live broadcast from Fort Meade, Maryland. Fort Meade is the home of the National Security Agency and Cyber Command.

Hagel said that their cyberwarfare activities will be “open and transparent” and that the Pentagon urges other nations like China to curb back their own cyberwarfare activities. The U.S. told the Chinese government to stop corporate espionage [3] on U.S. corporations, which the Chinese strongly denied was happening.

Hagel went on to say that the U.S. is not trying to “militarize cyberspace” and wanted other countries to ensure the Internet continues to be a “catalyst for freedom and prosperity.” Reuters also reported that Hagel will be traveling to China to smooth things over, after the Chinese government demanded answers for the U.S. spying on one of their telecommunications company Huawei.