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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has not thrown anyone in his administration under the bus yet as polls are destroying his credibility on ObamaCare. Now, he decided to undercut state insurance commissioners who were in charge of enacting the law.

obamacare rose gardenReuters reported that state insurance commissioners were upset with Obama when he unilaterally suggested a delay in the individual mandate of his health care law.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners met with Obama yesterday to voice their concerns and opinions about Obama’s recent attempt at fixing his health care law. This was one attempt by his administration to try to calm the American people, where up to 14 million Americans could lose (or will lose) their individually-purchased health insurance plans under ObamaCare restrictions.

Obama, in a press conference last week, offered a temporary fix to allow the American people to have a one-year waiver and keep their plans until 2014. But, insurance commissioners said that the move unduly burdened them and they will have to spend even more time and effort to comply with Obama’s wishes.

After the meeting, the group of representatives expressed their opposition to Obama’s proposition and said that they “stressed their concern that different rules for different policies would be detrimental to the overall insurance marketplace and could result in higher premiums for consumers, without addressing the underlying concern of gaps in coverage.”

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