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ObamaCare “Success”: 5 People sign up in D.C.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration cannot hide behind the lack of data about ObamaCare enrollments (or the lack of them). Even the media called the ObamaCare launch “disastrous [1]“.

obama obamacare boston speech [2]Fox News and other news outlets reported that the D.C. ObamaCare online exchange has enrolled an overwhelming number of…5 people since its launch over a month ago.

ObamaCare has suffered what the media has called “glitches [3],” but are actually inherent structural and coding problems. Glitches are fixable bugs; these errors are deeply rooted and affect the entire functioning of the website. Yet, the media reports them as “glitches” to save the administration some face.

It also does not help that the government spent over $600 million [4] to fund the health care law, which is falling apart right before the administration’s eyes. It is getting so desperate that the Obama White House is turning to Twitter and social media [5] to recoup their losses and blamed insurance companies [6] for complying with the law.

Democrats who are up for election in 2014 are now worried about their election prospects [7] with widespread anger about ObamaCare. Several Senate Democrats lectured Obama [8] in a private meeting this past week.

Democratic National Committee chairwoman and Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to defend it on MSNBC, but apparently read from a teleprompter and said Obama did not “myzeld [9]” (instead of “misled”) the American people.

After all the outrage over 4.2 million Americans [10] losing their health insurance plans was at a fever pitch, Obama finally offered an apology. But, it was unsatisfactory to many and seemed more like a mea culpa of one’s lies being discovered. It was more like this: