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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare problems continue to roll along as the media has grown tired of covering the troublesome and error-ridden website and health care law.

A billboard advertising the defunding of "Obamacare" the ACA, paid for by the conservative Heritage Foundation, is pictured in New YorkReuters reported that about 15,000 online enrollments did not get to health insurance companies as the system was supposed to do.

MSNBC host Ed Schultz claimed that ObamaCare works and how Democrats should publicize it.

The administration tried to paint a pretty picture and claimed the error rate has gone down in recent weeks. They have taken the website down several times for extensive maintenance, but the website is still filled with problems and errors.

The deadlines for enrollment are coming up quickly, December 23rd, but a major concern is that not enough young people are signing up to pay the bulk of the health care law. Also, some worry that the enrollment information never reached insurers and could put millions of Americans in danger of not having health care insurance coverage starting next year.

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