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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare enrollments have slowly risen to over 1 million enrollees, but the specifics about this number is still foggy and unknown.

obama on obamacareReuters reported that ObamaCare supporters championed the health care law, which has led to over 5 million insurance plans being canceled by insurance companies. Supporters complained that insurance companies were to blame, when the companies were solely obeying the law forced on the American people.

Obama’s approval ratings have gone up in down over the holidays, but it had reached a record-low 39% and tied George W. Bush’s lowest approval ratings. Both came during their second terms as president.

The enrollment number given by the Obama White House and Department of Health and Human Services did not explain whether the enrollments were primarily from Medicaid or for health insurance plans. Initially, the majority of enrollments were due to Medicaid in several states and undermined ObamaCare supporters’ arguments that the law worked.

Also, Obama’s HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, admitted to a Miami, Florida audience that premiums will go up for some Americans and Obama had to dodge a question from a disgruntled White House press whether ObamaCare was the “lie of the year“.

The website is still flawed and even if there were over 1 million enrollments, it does not cover the 5 million-plus Americans who lost their health insurance plans because of ObamaCare. ObamaCare’s performance was called “disastrous” by the liberal mainstream media and led to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to call Obama the biggest political loser of the year.

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