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WASHINGTON — So far, not good. The reports coming out about ObamaCare are not flattering as the Obama administration will fall far short of their enrollment goals by the end of the year.

Barack Obama health careReuters reported that only 3% of the administration’s goals have been met. They originally said they wanted 1.4 million people to be enrolled, but barely 27,000 did so through the federal exchanges (out of the 106,000 that signed up).

The ObamaCare online website has failed spectacularly as the website was poorly written and administrators ignored warning signs and red flags to push for the October 1st, 2013 launch date. The launch was so bad that the liberal media, a typical Obama ally, called it “disastrous“.

Oregon has not enrolled a single Oregonian after over a month, and Delaware enrolled only 1 after at least a couple weeks of trying. Washington, D.C. has only signed up 5 people. Other states have similar stories, but most of the enrollees counted are for Medicaid expansion and not ObamaCare.

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