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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare’s widespread “glitches”, or simply a black eye and disaster for the Obama administration, has led to one official enrollee in the state of Delaware.

obamacare delaware janice bakerUSA Today reported that only one Delaware resident, Janice Baker, successfully signed up for the ObamaCare health care exchanges. How long did it take her? 7 hours.

She claimed her health care costs went down about $150 and she will pay $700 per month. Delaware had about 1,000 asking about the exchanges, but their success rate is far from optimal with 1 out of a potential 1,000 successfully signing up. In case you couldn’t do the math, that is a 0.001% success rate since October 1st (a period of 17 days).

The woman in charge, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, could not even give late night show host Jon Stewart a figure of how many people enrolled in the exchanges. She is now fighting off calls for resignation over the disaster that is ObamaCare.

But, as The Heritage Foundation announced, their study found 45 of the 50 have seen skyrocketing health care premium costs (or as economists say, “sticker shock”) due to ObamaCare. States like New York and California saw decreases in their premiums because their premiums were the highest in the nation and ObamaCare had to bring those costs down somehow to make it feasible and practical for enrollees.

Virginia, for example, saw an average of a 252.2% increase in premiums, while Arizonans saw a 156.7% increase and Arkansas residents a 171.4% increase in premiums. So much for “keeping your doctor“, right President Obama?

However, what the USA Today article and others do not say is if insufficient number of young adults do not sign up, then the premiums will skyrocket. The burden of the cost of ObamaCare is put on the healthy young Americans, and if they do not sign up and carry the health care cost burden, the system could inevitably fail.

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