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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration warned that its enrollment numbers in October do not mean the law is unpopular or failing, but simply suffering technical difficulties.

ObamaCare conference callReuters reported that the Obama administration is trying to save face after  the liberal media called ObamaCare’s launch “disastrous“. It still hasn’t been resolved since its start in October, and it’s almost mid-November.

HealthCare.Gov, the ObamaCare enrollment website, has not operated well at all and whose bad coding and terrible structure have been well-documented by some of the media. These “glitches” hide the fact that there are inherent problems within the website and even Obama said he needed a “tech surge” to save it. Enrollments were as low as zero or a handful in states like Michigan and Delaware and have been delayed in many states. Also, the majority of enrollments were not for ObamaCare, but expanded Medicaid enrollment rolls for certain states.

Opposition to the law has built up since the law’s official launch via HealthCare.Gov, now that people are seeing their health insurance plans canceled by insurance companies. These plans were canceled because of the strict regulations of ObamaCare forced them to, with arbitrary guidelines and standards which will cripple and eliminate the individual insurance marketplace. Obama blamed the insurance companies for complying with his law.

Even Reuters noted that Medicaid enrollments far outnumber those of ObamaCare. The analysis said: “A Reuters tally of 7 states that are running their own exchanges and providing detailed information on enrollment shows more than 35,000 Americans have picked a private insurance plan so far. More than 145,000 have enrolled in Medicaid.”

As a result of all the embarrassment, Obama tried to pivot back to other issues such as the struggling economy and gave up defending his law via Twitter.

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