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WASHINGTON — The American people do not like ObamaCare, but today marks the official launch of the expansive health care law.

A billboard advertising the defunding of "Obamacare" the ACA, paid for by the conservative Heritage Foundation, is pictured in New YorkReuters reported that ObamaCare will launch even after the federal government’s partial shutdown goes into effect today.

While liberals laud the health care law, the majority of Americans disapprove of it and are very wary of its effects. Republicans charge that the law has altered the jobs landscape for both young and middle-aged Americans because it penalizes businesses for having many employees and forces them to cut their workers’ hours from full- to part-time.

The Obama administration has only offered half-truths and misled the public about the health care law, and the liberal media has gone along with it.

It is so unpopular that Obama recruited former president Bill Clinton to sell the law to the American people, and it is such an unwieldy law that the Obama administration has delayed several key provisions again and again. Americans are upset that Congress obtained an exemption for their staff.

Reuters applauded the law and today’s launch in the following:

“The launch marks a milestone for Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement, which aims to provide subsidized healthcare to millions of the uninsured, the most ambitious U.S. social program since Medicare was introduced in the 1960s.”

The House Republicans and some Senate Republicans have tried to stop the launch of the health care law by defunding it, which was ruled a tax by the Supreme Court. Yet, the Senate Democrats and Barack Obama did not negotiate with the Republicans despite polls telling them the American people want compromise and do not like ObamaCare.

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