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WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, in a state of denial, has finally acknowledged the need to fix the online ObamaCare enrollment software and website.

20120515_obama_sebelis+obamacareReuters reported that the software and website capacity problems were to blame for the “glitches“, which is what the liberal mainstream media has called the software errors and lack of preparation by the Obama administration., which is the online enrollment website, has been full of errors and embarrassments since the website launched last Tuesday. The state of Maryland, for example, had to delay the website’s debut from 8 AM to noon, but even by noon it was not ready for enrollment. Administration officials said that in 36 states that debuted the online enrollment, there were only 8.6 million visitors. But, they did not say how many could actually and did enroll in the healthcare exchanges.

The Obama administration had blamed traffic to the website for the crashes and utter failure of the website, when IT experts told Reuters that the software and website structure were the true culprits and contradicted the administration’s terrible spin job.

It is an absolute embarrassment for the Obama administration, which had three and a half years to prepare for the online enrollment and still managed to get it wrong. This comes at a time where the Obama White House is getting flack from the American public over its refusal to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown in addition to rising unpopularity of ObamaCare among Americans.

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