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WASHINGTON — Barack Obama met this week with angry Senate Democrats, who are facing re-election in 2014. After seeing the heavy favorite Democratic candidate Terry MacAuliffe barely eke out a victory, Senate Democrats are livid about the failures of ObamaCare.

Reuters reported that ObamaCare nearly turned the Virginia governorship to a Republican candidate and Democrats are taking note of that.

The Virginia gubernatorial race was close, decided by 55,000 votes, because of Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s late push in anti-ObamaCare messaging and ads. Some of the worried Democrats are Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arkansas’ Mark Pryor. There are, in total, about 11 Democrats whose prospects look tough to remain in office past 2014.

The website is still not working after over a month and no immediate fixes are in sight. The American people do not like ObamaCare by a 51-42 margin and Obama’s own weak apology this week does not satisfy the American people.

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