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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare’s failures are becoming more apparent to the American people as tens of thousands are seeing their insurances being dropped by their employers.

obamacare cbs pollObamaCare, the health care law, was passed on partisan lines, with only one Republican vote to pass the law (and that Republican has since been voted out of office). The administration had over three years to put the website and online enrollment into place, but rolled out with an underwhelming disaster of a website.

“404” error messages were more common than actual successful signups and the newspaper The Hill said less than 1% of online visitors successfully enrolled in ObamaCare. The administration spent over $634 million for the failed website.

Delaware signed up its first and only enrollee this past week (report via USA Today), 20 days after the website was launched, and Michigan has 0 enrollees as of this past weekend (via NRO’s Jim Geraghty). Maryland, one of the more eager states to implement the health care law, has not overcome many of the website’s glaring problems.

Now insurance providers are dropping coverage (report via the Huffington Post) and herding the American people to the ObamaCare, federal or state-run health insurance exchanges. Even ObamaCare supporters are doubting their support, realizing they will have to pay (as reported by the San Jose Mercury News) for other’s insurance.

So much for Obama’s statement that the American people will be able to keep their doctor.

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