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ObamaCare Data Site Crashes, adds to Obama’s Problems!

WASHINGTON — Another day, another ObamaCare disaster! This time, a data center that stores data for enrollment into the health care law known as ObamaCare has crashed.

obama and sebelius [1]Reuters reported [2] that Verizon’s Terremark saw its data center crash and lose network connectivity this past weekend and adds to the list of ObamaCare problems.

The data center hosts HealthCare.gov, which is the government website that stores data for the 36 states enrolled in government health care exchanges. This, and the continuing delays [3] on online enrollment and registration, frustrates Americans and even Democratic politicians who voted to pass the law along partisan lines. Now Obama is calling for a “tech surge [4]” to rescue the failing website.

Even the liberal mainstream media [5] is calling the rollout “disastrous [6]“.

Calls for the firing of Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, are reaching a fever pitch as the problems continue to plague the law. Late night shows are mocking the failed rollout of the law, such as Saturday Night Live’s recent skit [7] (note the skit is NSFW) where Sebelius’ computer froze and an IT person smashed the computer with a baseball bat to resolve the problem.

Jon Stewart of the popular The Daily Show interviewed Sebelius [8] and suggested Sebelius lied to him over the failures of the health care insurance rollout, and Sebelius’ poor showing during a CNN interview further ramped up speculation over her firing.