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WASHINGTON — ObamaCare, which was U.S. President Barack Obama’s landmark health care reform legislation, is a grand failure so far. Now, Reuters is detailing the so-called deadline for enrollees.

obama on obamacareReuters reported that yesterday was the deadline for people to sign up for health care insurance coverage under ObamaCare, which will kick in on January 1st.

But, it is not really a deadline by private sector standards. The “hardship” exception, which was announced by executive decision by Obama and his Department of Health and Human Services (led by the beleaguered cabinet member Kathleen Sebelius), will exempt people from paying the ObamaCare penalty for lacking coverage.

Sebelius even admitted to a crowd in Florida that some people will see a spike in their insurance premiums. It also did not help that the government spent at least $634 million to build a faulty website.

The reasoning behind this was to limit the political blowback of millions of Americans losing their health insurance coverage due to ObamaCare, although it puts the onus on insurance companies. These companies have worked for years to tailor their plans for the health care law, but now have to patch it up with a variety of exemptions and delays.

The Obama administration could even put into place a “good faith exemption”, according to an unnamed source. It will create a “special enrollment period” for “all those who make a good faith effort to get enrolled by the deadline”, but could not do so because of the extensive website failures. Some estimate the failure rate on the website is as high as 10%, while the private sectors rarely has that high of an error rate.

Obama’s job approval ratings are as bad as George W. Bush’s in his second term and the health care law has a 35% approval rating among Americans. Millions of Americans are losing coverage due to this law, and the Obama administration is trying to recoup its losses before the 2014 midterm elections.

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