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WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama, with his approval numbers dipping to another low point in his presidency, is calling for more safeguards in national surveillance.

obama tired faceReuters reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) safeguards did not prevent the agency from illegally hoarding and collecting surveillance records of American citizens.

This could contradict what Obama had said a couple weeks ago, where he called for more transparency within the NSA. Whether these supposed safeguards will be transparent has yet to be seen.

It has Americans and international leaders very upset as Obama continues to defend his intrusive surveillance policies. Dissident groups are wary of whether the Americans will turn over information over to their repressive governments. Liberals had blasted Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, for government overreach and yet, remain silent as Obama hastily defends himself for the program.

Allies in Germany, United Kingdom and Brazil have called out Obama over his dishonesty and lack of transparency with U.S. allies over his surveillance techniques. Obama’s domestic approval rating has also plummeted to between 41-45% (depending on the source).

NSA leaker Edward Snowden made international headlines as he revealed NSA practices this year while hiding in Hong Kong. He has since fled to Russia and has temporary asylum there. The reporter he broke the news to, Glenn Greenwald, has been under heavy scrutiny since then and has pledged to release more British government secrets.

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