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WASHINGTON — The question of “What did Obama know about ObamaCare and when did he know it?” has now been answered: He was briefed earlier this year back in mid-January.

obama obamacare speechReuters reported the Obama administration was briefed on how terrible the website was as the ObamaCare website programmers expressed doubts about launching it on October 1st.

Obama and the media have pushed the narrative that he was surprised and shocked by the technical problems that the website had. He promised it will work in time and said he would push for a “tech surge” of programmers to work around-the-clock to fix the multiple and almost infinite website programming errors. As recently as last week, Obama told reporters at a special press conference that he “did not have enough awareness” of these problems.

The liberal mainstream media called these structural problems “glitches”, when by definition, a glitch is “an unexpected or minor problem” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

These problems are not “glitches” at all, considering that the website has not enrolled anyone close to their target goal of 7 million by March 2014. There are also significant security problems, considering that none of the personal information is secure by cyber-security analyst standards.

It is more embarrassing that the administration did not even fix the billable and payment portion of the website. Not only can consumers fail to log in and find their health care plan, but they cannot pay for it either.

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